With today's RAW capabilities in cameras, and post-production "Photoshopping" behind the scene - editing has become the biggest secret behind each photo's success. While phones and Point & Shoot cameras allow you to add filters and edit - this happens after your camera has chosen the basic edits for you (color, saturation, contrast, noise, etc.). Professional photographers typically capture images in RAW format, which is basically the most natural form, without any added features. From this point and on, photographers precisely control every look of your photo, in some cases, your photos are sent off to a local studio or anywhere across the globe - where they are batch edited. Personally, I prefer to edit all of my work. When I see a moment to be captured - I already know what it will look like when it is fully edited, and sometimes I just put a different spin on things when it feels right. As my own editor, I make sure to be equipped with the latest hardware and software to maximize the quality and quantity of my work. Whether it may be creating a technically sound photograph, or turning a normal image into a piece of artwork - your hard work is in professional hands.

In-house editing is available to you for only $50 per hour. 

If you photographed a wedding and dont have the time to edit - we are here!

If you have older pictures lying around, a loved one you want to surprise, or just want to challenge us - we are here!

For the most optimal editing results - please provide us with the RAW images, or TIFF. If you do not have these - please provide us with the largest resolution available.

Amit Gabai: 1-267-474-4460     Email: photos@amitgabai.com